Give back to society by sharing your experience, knowledge and thought leadership by applying for a peerage in the House of Lords.

The role of a peer in the House of Lords is an influential position that comes with considerable responsibility.

Peers are tasked with scrutinising legislation and the management of public policy, as well as the creation or amendment of existing bills.

Individuals can join the House of Lords on a part-time basis as an Independent Crossbench Peer or a political peer affiliated to one of the main political parties – even if you have ongoing work, family or community commitments.

Being appointed a peer is a life changing achievement. For many, it is an opportunity to share their specialisms, expertise and leadership with not only with the Upper House, but with society and the UK as a whole.

Furthermore, for many clients they see it as an opportunity to raise their personal profile, reputation and business endeavours. A peerage is a badge of trust that gives an individual credibility and a platform for you to have influence in the most important of forums. It is one of the most prestigious and sought after appointments in the world.

With our dedicated and specialist House of Lords service you will be taken through the application process on a one to one basis with your consultant, who will gather all of the necessary information from you to be able to research and write your professional written application. They will also draft a bespoke CV to accompany it.

If you are successfully invited to interview, we will provide a further service to help prepare and guide you for the day, and your consultant will speak to up to six people who are familiar with your work and achievements and offer to draft their letters of support.

“I found your advice and hand’s on support invaluable. It can be difficult to decide what information to focus on in an application like this and to know what the Lords are looking for in a strong applicant. It’s been great working with someone who has a real understanding of the process.”




The House of Lords is the second chamber of the UK parliament. It works alongside the House of Commons to:

  • Debate and pass legislation
  • Check and challenge the actions of the government
  • Provide a forum for independent expertise

The House of Lords chamber spends about 60% of its time on legislation; the other 40% is spent on scrutiny – questioning government and debating issues and policy. Committee work takes place outside the chamber.

Am I eligible for the House of Lords?

Assuming you are British, Irish or a Commonwealth citizen, resident in the UK for tax purposes and accept the requirement to remain so, we would be delighted to assist you with an application to the House of Lords.

our brochure

Our brochure outlines the service we  provide. We will take care of your application whether you wish to apply as a cross bench peer or a political peer. 

    The Business Awards PDF will be downloaded after submission.
    The House of Lords PDF will be downloaded after submission.
    The Royal Honours PDF will be downloaded after submission.
    The Kings Awards for Enterprise PDF will be downloaded after submission.