Businesses priorities, strengths and achievements change and develop regularly.

We work with our business clients to advise, plan, and enter awards strategically so that their award wins are in step with their current business goals and align with future aspirations. Top tier general awards have a wide range of categories to recognise excellence in anything from innovation and fast growth, to best business leader and best place to work. They are suited to any industry or sector, and are an excellent platform to showcase your business and bring unrivalled recognition. In assisting you with these awards we will save you time, effort and aggravation and significantly increase your chances of success.


This fee covers the services of a dedicated consultant, an award briefing meeting so that your consultant can gather all the information needed to craft your entry, and the drafting of the professionally written and designed award entry.

Our flagship awards are suited to any industry or sector and will really showcase your business to bring unrivalled recognition.


These prestigious awards have particularly long and detailed entry processes, and typically have a longer word count, and additional design and formatting requirements. Some awards have a flat fee, and some are priced per category.

All submissions curated by our team are passed through a third-party proof-reader, and undergo professional design in your own branding, where permissible.

We are always happy to take on administrative management of your award submission, such as liaison with the awards body, and can even submit on your behalf.



The Kings Award for Enterprise was first established in 1966 and since then over 7,000 companies have been awarded since. It is the most prestigious award a UK based company can win, though globally recognised and desired, with only around 200 of these incredible accolades given out each year.

We will evaluate your business against The King’s Awards for Enterprise eligibility requirements to determine how many awards you should apply for.

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Princess Royal Award

This prestigious award, in line with the City & Guilds values, is awarded to employers in the UK and Ireland who demonstrate the outstanding training and skills development programmes that have resulted in exceptional benefits for their business.

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For over 20 years this award has celebrated and connected successful UK entrepreneurs who have made a positive impact on society and the economy. The award is run across 4 regions: London and South, Midlands, North and Scotland. Entrants compete according to the region in which their business is mainly based. Winners not only gain recognition nationally but also globally as the awards are part of a worldwide programme covering over 50 countries.

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The Stevies are the only fully international programme that recognises workplace achievements. The awards are open to organisations of all sizes worldwide, including small, medium and large businesses, private and public organisations, both for-profit and non-profit. The awards cover an eclectic range of categories, including website, app, video, publication and live events, corporate communications and PR, human resources, creative, marketing, support and new products.

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Formerly known as the National Business Awards, but still sponsored by Lloyds Bank, these awards celebrate excellence in business sectors nationwide, covering public, private and third sector organisations of all sizes. There are currently 16 award categories, including: business of the year, employer of the year, the new entrepreneur of the year award and technology innovation award.

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Sponsored by NatWest, these awards recognise the achievements of British entrepreneurs and businesses. The awards focus on the individual stories of success, irrespective of turnover or the size of the business. The awards ceremonies are held across the UK and are about creating a community for entrepreneurs to connect to and thrive within. There are currently 14 award categories, including: entrepreneurial spirit, family business, health and beauty, disruptor, scale-up, small business and service industries.

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Regardless of your location or industry, if you are dedicated to excellence, growth, innovation, and providing the best for your customers, employees, and stakeholders, International Business Excellence Awards is for you!

IBXA™ brings together top-notch global organisations to compete for highly coveted business accolades. The awards offer an exciting, inspirational, and educational experience for all participants involved.

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The Top 100 programme is the brainchild of Awards Intelligence Founder, Mark Llewellyn-Slade. He feels there is a need for a platform to highlight and reward truly influential people who affect and impact society today, across a broad range of sectors.

The guiding principle is that people who are genuinely making the world a better place need to be encouraged, thanked and given every opportunity to get their message out.

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The International Brilliance Awards honour the outstanding achievements in the workplace.

All organisations worldwide are eligible to submit nominations to this International Brilliance Awards: large and small, public and private, for-profit and non-profit. Nominations may be submitted by individuals or organisations.

Many of the world’s largest and most famous companies have won BOC Brilliance Awards. However, some of the winners each year are small and midsize companies that are still growing and building their brands and investing in their people.

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The UK Business Awards were founded to champion enterprise and leadership excellence through recognition of exceptional business initiatives while sharing invaluable insights derived from their stories. They celebrate innovation, resilience, and success within the UK business community and aim to foster the growth of UK businesses.

Their entries encapsulate the spirit of the times, reflecting the evolving business landscape also ensuring their content and partnerships remain aligned with the latest trends and interests in the business world.

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“Awards Intelligence have helped us win three awards in just three months. They have given us that vital winning edge and saved us valuable time. We have now committed to an annual awards plan to ensure we keep up the momentum. I would recommend AI to anyone that is serious about awards success as they have certainly delivered for my businesses very quickly.”

NIGEL BOTTERILL, Entrepreneur's Circle Founder