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North America

The International Business Awards

BCI North America Awards

Global ACE Awards

Social Media Leadership Awards

Women of the Year Technology Awards

South America

Latin Trade BRAVO Business Awards

American Advertising Awards

World Travel Awards

Corporate International Global Awards

ICC World Business and Development Awards


European Business Awards

European Call Centre & Customer Service Awards

Europe Great Places to Work Awards

European Manufacturing Awards

The IPD European Property Investment Awards 2014


African Business Awards

All Africa Business Leaders Awards

National Business Awards South Africa

Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship

South African Premier Business Awards

Middle East

The Middle East Excellence Awards Institute

Dubai Quality Award

Dubai Chamber/MRM Business Performance Program

Dubai Business Excellence Awards

Middle East Call Centre Awards


Great HR Leaders Awards - India

Asia Property Awards

Indian Retail Awards

Global Talent & Acquisition Awards

Asian Marketing Effectiveness & Strategy Awards


Australian Business Awards

Australian Growth Company Awards

Australian Event Awards

Australian Achiever Awards

Telstra Australian Business Awards

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Winning awards is the best way to ensure that you and your organisation stand out from your competitors. No matter where you are based in the word, there are local, regional, national and international business awards that you can enter and win.

Becoming an award winner will raise your profile, enhance your reputation and demonstrate why you are the best in your business. The most progressive private, public and third-sector organisations across the world have realized how effective winning awards are for their business. So don’t get left behind, contact us today to find out which international awards you are ready to win. Call +44 (0) 1444 230 130 for your free international awards assessement today. 

How international business awards will help grow your business

Every potential customer wants to know how they can trust you and what you can do for them that will be better than other companies offering similar services. What better way to answer all their questions than to become the most award-winning company in your sector.

Winning awards will:

  • Increase your customer base and grow your profits
  • Provide excellent PR and marketing opportunities
  • Help you break in to new markets and countries
  • Enhance the credibility of your products and services
  • Attract talent to your team and motivate your employees

To find out how you can start winning awards for your business achievements contact us for a free assessment of your chances of success.

Frequently Asked Questions


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Do I have to be based in the same country to enter the competition?

Every awards programme will state its eligibility criteria specifying who can enter and win their awards and where they must be based.

Some awards are ‘global’ for example, the International Business Awards are based in New York, however the competition is international so they welcome entries from individuals and businesses in every country of the world. In a global competition your entry will be judged against other entries from your own region and winners will be announced for each area of the world.

Alternatively some awards are only open to individuals or companies who are based in the same country or region, for example the European Business Awards only accept entries from businesses based in a European country.

Which language should be used for my international award entry?

English is the most common language used for award entries around the world. However it is always a good idea to check the award entry criteria supplied by the awards organisers.

If English is not your first language but your award entry needs to be written in English it is advisable to seek support in creating your entries. Awards judges have many award entries to read and score and limited time to complete their task. If they find an entry difficult to understand it will not stand a good chance of winning the competition.

Which international awards and categories should I enter?

Choosing the right awards and categories to enter is the first step to success in an international competition. It is important to think about why you are entering awards, how you want your business to be viewed, and who you want to tell about your award if you win. For example, it makes sense for a company that wants to attract new talent to win awards for being a good employer.

Creating an international awards strategy can help you break in to new markets and hit the ground running when opening your business in a new region.  There are thousands of international awards available to enter and Awards Intelligence has the largest international awards list in the world, so we can help you make sure you only enter the awards and categories that meet your core objectives.

How will my international award wins help my business?

When you win an international award you are putting your business in a fantastic position to be viewed on a global platform as the best in your sector.

No matter where you are based in the world, thanks to online searches your business will be viewed by people across the world at any time of day or night. When you win an award your potential customers will recognize that you stand out and view you as a credible company they can trust – so there really is no limit to the benefits an international award can bring to your business.

How can I make sure I stand out in an international competition?

Entering international awards and demonstrating how you stand out on a global scale requires a different approach to entering local or regional awards. 

Every company’s achievements are different to the next, so it is important to identify your strengths and achievements and highlight why these are important both within your own area and beyond.

Contact Awards Intelligence today to find out how we will give you the best chance of success with your international award entries.

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