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Let our experts draft your award entries. Industry average win rate 10%. Our average win rate 60%

Does your organisation have great customer service? Have you created an outstanding innovation? Perhaps you are a great employer or a successful entrepreneur. No matter what your business strengths are, you need to shout about them to make sure potential customers choose you over your competitors.


International and UK business awards


Winning business and personal awards will raise your profile, enhance your reputation, instil trust, attract new business and ultimately make you more profitable. In short, it will prove you are better than your competitors. It will also enable you to put your prices up as customers will often pay a premium for the best.


But writing award winning entries takes a great deal of skill, time and resource. Can you really afford to take your eye off the business to find the right awards to enter, gather all the evidence you need and create your entries? Do you have the experience to know what the judges are looking for? Or would you prefer to become a multiple award winner without all the hard work and effort that comes with creating award winning entries?


Grow your business reputation


Congratulations, you have found the answer to your dilemma right here. We will take the hassle out of the corporate awards entry process for you, significantly increase your chances of winning and save you valuable time so that you can focus on your core responsibilities. 


Whether you are a global organisation, an outstanding entrepreneur, a charity or a public sector organisation, we can help you to find, enter and win the awards you deserve. Contact us today to find out how we can help you become an award winner. 

Bespoke Awards Plan
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Listen to our CEO explaining the benefits of winning business awards to BBC TV World News

Listen to our CEO explaining the benefits of winning business awards to BBC TV World News



Our success rates speak for themselves; we have probably helped more businesses to win more awards than anyone else in the world, so you can truly rely on us to give you that vital winning edge. Rest assured, you will be in safe hands.


Call us now on +44 (0)1444 230130 for an honest assessment of your chances of business awards success. Alternatively, drop us a line to enquiries@awardsintelligence.co.uk.


You have to be in it to win it so take decisive action now by contacting us to avoid missing the boat. There are top awards open for entry today that want to hear your story  so don't dilly dally. We can give you all the advice and guidance you need and take care of everything for you.


If you are looking for a combination of awards and personal honours for your business, or for a friend, family member or colleague, take a look at our unique VIP Brand Building Programme by clicking on the link below.

vip Brand Building Programme

Significantly increase your chances of success

You are 4 times more likely to win with our support

Do you get frustrated when your competitors win awards?

Do you struggle to find time to enter awards?

Do you want to find out which awards you are ready to win?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, we can help you!

When you appoint Awards Intelligence we will:

  • Create and manage your bespoke awards plan
  • Dedicate an expert to your entire project
  • Help you manage your marketing budget
  • Ensure you enter awards you have a strong chance of winning
  • Save you valuable time and help you stay focused on your commitments
  • Help you grow and increase the overall value of your business

A key secret to becoming a multi-award winner is...

Well, it’s not rocket science, or particularly cutting edge for that matter. Like most things in business it boils down to common sense, but we know it works.
In summary, the secret is to carefully build a targeted Awards Plan rather than aimlessly drifting from entering one award to another when the mood takes you.
Call us now on +44 (0)1444 230130 for further information or email us today to get the ball rolling. 

Financial Benefits

Large award winning companies enjoyed a 48% increase in operating income and a 37% growth in sales when compared to non-award winners. Smaller award winning companies were also shown to have experienced a 63% increase...

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Wow, I didn't realise just how fantastic my business was until I read the superb award winning entries you wrote

Deborah Mitchell

Heaven Health & Beauty


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