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Our unique branding programme is designed to help you get recognition for your personal and business achievements.  If you are a talented entrepreneur, a successful executive or a high-achieving leader in your field of any kind, you can raise your profile, enhance your reputation and improve your bottom-line with our expert advice and hands-on support for you and your organisation.


We live in a celebrity world where profile and reputation matter, and this applies as much to the business world as it does to the world of film, music or sport.


Leaders in their field have quickly realised that reputation is a major contributor to market value.


Just think about how the likes of Karren Brady, Simon Cowell, Dr Hilary Jones, Michael Mansfield QC, Professor Brian Cox and the 'Dragons' operate. Think about how they have leveraged their business celebrity status to set them and their businesses apart.


This doesn't happen by accident. It's the result of a well orchestrated plan to stand out from the crowd in a positive way.


Contact us today to find out how we can help you build your brand and get noticed by senior decision makers, the media and your key target audiences.


Are you aiming to:

  • Communicate an important message?
  • Secure new investment?

  • Create a platform for yourself as an industry expert and thought leader?
  • Achieve the best possible price in mergers / acquisitions?

  • Attract the best talent to your organisation?
  • Increase the value of your company?

If you answered yes to any of the above, our ongoing, tailored programme of high-level media relations activity will help you manage your reputation and positively enhance your personal and professional profile. 


BeatTheDrum is a members only, by invitation service based upon a suitability assessment. Contact us now on +44 (0)1444 230130 or email to find out more. 


Many of our clients have already built successful organisations, positioned themselves as experts and reaped the benefits of becoming the leader in their field through our consistent programme of media coverage complemented by high profile business award wins and personal honours.


We like to practise what we preach...Here's an example of some BBC TV News coverage positioning our CEO as an expert in the Queen's honours system

We like to practise what we preach...Here's an example of some BBC TV News coverage positioning our CEO as an expert in the Queen's honours system


Your bespoke reputation management team

Your exclusive brand and reputation building programme is tailored to your specific needs and delivered by true leaders in their field. People who do this for a living and have actually 'lived the experience'. We work with the very best experts selected individually to meet your brief. The over-riding emphasis is on your brand positioning and being proactive with broadcast media on your behalf rather than you simply subscribing to a database of experts and waiting for the media to come knocking at you door. 


Our primary focus is the written word encompassing your website, blog and brochures along with high impact TV and radio. We will identify topical media hooks, craft your key messages and sell you and your story in to key target media. Our aim is to give you a platform to communicate your key messages and to help you build ongoing win-win relationships with the media.


LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other online media along with your website/blog are important when it comes to getting your messages out and raising your profile. The key is to complement this with the established favourites, the Ivy League big hitters like BBC radio, BBC TV News, BBC Breakfast TV, Sky News, ITV and the key regional and national radio stations across the UK.


A typical programme for BeatTheDrum members would include:

  • Brand and personality building on your website, blog and brochures

  • Key mesage development and identification of topical story angles

  • Development of media pitch document and target media selection

  • Media interviews for you and/or your organisation

  • Regular feedback and reporting

More examples of recent media coverage


The world is full of great organisations and leaders in their field that never fulfil their potential because no one hears about them and takes notice. Don't be one of them.


Let us position you as the go-to expert commentator in your field.


Contact us today for a no obligation discussion and for more information about becoming a member of the unique BeatTheDrum service.

Simon Burgess

Insurance entrepreneur and founder of a multi-award winning organisation said...

"Awards Intelligence helped us win eight awards making us the most award winning company in our insurance niche. They also gave us an invaluable PR platform to further build on our reputation as sector leaders via the heavy-weight media. When we sold the business this had a very positive impact on its attractiveness to potential buyers and I estimate that it added around £1 million to the overall value of the business."

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