Raise your profile by winning business awards

Winning business awards for your achievements as a female entrepreneur, business leader or as an organization that supports working women is one of the fastest and most effective ways to raise your profile and create a platform for ongoing success.

Receiving an accolade for your outstanding work achievements brings your successes to light, opens doors to new opportunities and builds a positive path for other women to follow.

Women have made so much progress in business over the years that many awards programmes have been designed to highlight and recognise their exceptional skills and talents. Contact us today for a free assessment of your chances of success and to find out which awards you are ready to win.

How business awards for women can benefit you

Whether your vision has grown a successful business, your leadership has encouraged others to excel, or your pioneering approach has broken down barriers, there is an award that will highlight your achievements and demonstrate why you are the best woman in your business. 

Female award winners have experienced many benefits from winning awards, including:

  • New opportunities to take up senior roles
  • Enhanced awareness of their business, products and services
  • Increased credibility and authority for projects and ideas
  • Investment and support for their business
  • Improved productivity amongst the workforce

Frequently Asked Questions

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Which women’s business awards should I enter?

Awards Intelligence will help you find enter and win the best awards for women in business.

Choosing the right award and categories to enter can be the first step to ongoing success. Perhaps your leadership skills make you stand out, you have created a new business, or you have blazed a trail for other women to follow. No matter what your achievements it is important that they stand out from the crowd and demonstrate your skills and qualities.

Contact us to explore your chances of winning awards and find out the best categories for you.

Can my company win awards for supporting female employees?

Many awards highlight the businesses that are going that extra mile to support their female employees. For example workingmums.co.uk has an annual Top Employer Award that recognizes smarter flexible working and advancing women in the workplace.

Traditionally male dominated businesses also benefit from recognition of their fair and positive treatment of female employees and their accolades can be beneficial in attracting the best female talent to their organisations and boards.

Awards Intelligence can recommend the best awards for your business that will make sure your female leaders, teams and overall initiatives to support women at work get the recognition they deserve.

How will Awards Intelligence help me win awards for women in business?

When we work with you to win awards we will start by identifying your strengths and your objectives for winning awards. We will then recommend the awards you are most likely to win based on your achievements.

One of our awards experts will be dedicated to your entire project. They will come and meet you, go through your background and achievements and help you demonstrate how you stand out from others.

Your chances of winning awards are increased approximately 4 x when you use Awards Intelligence. Our success rate stands at over 40%, whereas the industry success rate is approximately 11%. Our knowledge, experience and understanding of the awards horizon is outstanding and will make sure your entry has that vital winning edge.

Who has Awards Intelligence helped to win Awards?

Awards Intelligence has helped many female business leaders, teams and companies to win awards for their achievements.

We never reveal who we have worked with unless we have their express permission and we would treat you with the same level of confidentiality. Here are a few examples of our happy clients:

Ilona Anderson, Head of Customer Experience, DFS said: "DFS is so much more than just a retailer, and thanks to Awards Intelligence we have been able to highlight our outstanding charitable partnerships and CSR projects on a national scale. Winning awards has not only enabled us to highlight and reward our employees' achievements, it has allowed us continue building on our successes year on year. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Awards Intelligence to other businesses and individuals who are doing great work too "

Leigh Chadwick, Joint Managing Director, Seasalt Ltd said: "Thank you for all your help in building our entry to the Queen's Award for Enterprise 2013. You clearly grasped how important sustainability is to Seasalt and we were delighted that your professional and innovative approach to constructing our entry highlighted our own exceptional achievements in the retail sector"

You can read more testimonials here too.

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