Is there any negotiation on your fees?

Q.           Is there any negotiation on your fees?

A.            We set our fees as competitively as we reasonably can to enable us to deliver the highest level of service.  If we were to reduce our fees, that would mean our consultants would need to spend less time on your nomination which would be in neither of our interests.  It is likely to reduce the chances of honours success for you and in turn negatively impact on our success rates which are currently running at almost 2 in 3 compared to an estimated industry average of just 1 in 10.  I hope this helps to clarify the rationale behind our pricing and we hope you decide to appoint us to take care of your nomination. If you want to go ahead, just email us at and we can get going. Likewise, drop us an email and we can arrange a call with one of our experts to discuss the process in more detail or to arrange a free honest assessment of the nominee’s chances.