Ready to face the dragons?

You’ve just had the pulse-racing news that you are a finalist in a prestigious business award and there’s just one more hurdle to overcome to bag the trophy and that’s a presentation to the judges. It’s your company’s chance to shine and failing is out of the question. So naturally you choose the best man for the job who is brilliant at winning audiences over.

No matter how charismatic your presenter is, they will need a compelling speech to get them to the winner’s post. To give your company the best chance of winning, it’s always best to call in the experts. Awards Intelligence has written hundreds of engaging speeches that have wooed the judges and produced a fantastic win for our clients.

We don’t just write entries for prestigious business awards and personal honours, we can help you prepare finalist presentations, both the words and the visuals. Our brilliant designer brings your slides to life and dazzle the judges. We can even coach you in the art of delivering a speech and support your business with PR to help maximise publicity around a business award win.

When it comes to advice about speeches, Winston Churchill summed it up when he said: “A good speech should be like a women’s skirt: long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest.”  Churchill is so right – keep it simple and focus on three core messages you want the judges to remember.

Before putting pen to paper, it is wise to check the criteria for the presentation and find out who the judges are. Don’t give the judging panel a re-hash of your entry – give them the latest news from your organisations such as an exciting new innovation or orders in new markets. Tell the story of your company in your own words and don’t use jargon.

It is also worth thinking of questions the judges are most likely to ask and prepare answers in advance.