Prime Minister sets out her stall

Good news! Prime Minister, Theresa May, is being clear and consistent around who she wants to prioritise for honours. She’s made a very important announcement regarding the honours system. I would go so far as to say it’s the most important announcement in a decade or more if you are interested in making an honours nomination.

She said that, from now on, she wants to highlight and reward people who fit one or more of the bullet points below. Her ‘Big 5’ honours priorities are people that:

·       Support young people in achieving their potential

·       Aid social mobility

·       Help local communities

·       Tackle discrimination, and

·       Boost the economy such as entrepreneurs and business leaders

This strategic direction was endorsed by Sir Jonathan Stephens, Chairman of the Honours Committee, who said in the Daily Telegraph that the next list would have “new priorities” dictated by Mrs May, who wants a more meritocratic system. In particular she wants to reward those who work with children, those who encourage social mobility, people who fight discrimination and those working in enterprise and business.

So, we now have our clearest steer ever from a Prime Minister about what she and her government are looking for in a successful honours nomination.

We all know that timing is everything in life so don’t delay. You now know what the new Prime Minister wants. If you can clearly and compellingly demonstrate the above requirements through a well crafted nomination, the odds are now stacked in your favour.

BUT, goalposts have a habit of moving as I’m sure you appreciate, so don’t dilly dally, grasp the nettle and take decisive action now.

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Mark Llewellyn-Slade