Am I Buying The Honour If I Use You To Draft The Nomination?

When people appoint us to take care of an honour’s nomination for their worthy candidate, they are not “buying” the honour. What people are paying for is for us to professionally draft the written nomination and liaise with those people who are supporting the process by way of reference letters. (The minimum requirement being two letters of support.)

We do not do any lobbying; our experts simply manage the process and craft a persuasive and compelling nomination for worthy recipients.
Any worthy person based anywhere in the world, who meets the criteria, can be nominated for a UK honour such as a BEM, MBE, OBE, CBE or knighthood/damehood, and this process is transparent and entirely free of charge when making a nomination directly to the Honours and Appointments commission.

The reason people come to us is to save themselves the time, effort and aggravation of doing it themselves, but also to significantly increase their chances of success. (The average success rate is 1 in 10, ours is 2 in 3.) At Awards Intelligence we spend 100–150 hours crafting a typical honours nomination. Many people just don’t have that amount of time to commit to it, with work and family priorities.

It’s worth noting that we only work with people who we believe stand a strong chance of success. To do otherwise would not only be unethical but would not make good business sense as our success rate would fall through the floor if we crafted nominations for people who have no realistic chance of success.

Our fees are based primarily on the length of the nomination, the number of letters of support we draft – in other words, how much time we spend creating the nomination. We can’t guarantee you will be successful, in the same way that a driving instructor can’t guarantee you will pass your driving test. But we can increase your chances of success significantly.