Q: How can I get hold of an honour’s nomination form?

Any worthy person, based anywhere in the world, can be nominated for a Royal honour like an MBE, OBE or damehood. You don’t need to be based in the UK or even be a UK citizen.

It is truly a global awards process that is open to any exceptional person that has gone that extra mile and benefited the UK or commonwealth or the people living in those countries in some significant way. You don’t get an honour for simply doing your job, otherwise every firefighter and nurse would automatically get one.

If you have someone in mind for a gong, email us now at enquiries@awardsintelligence.co.uk for more information and to book a free, honest telephone assessment of your nominee’s chances of success.
Remember, you have to be in it to win it and people can’t nominate themselves, so make the effort to put them forward.
If you leave it to someone else it probably won’t happen and they will never get the recognition they deserve.
Go on, make someone’s day!

You can download the nomination form here and take care of the process yourself, free of charge.

It’s a long and time-consuming process to do well. We spend about 100-150 hours on a typical nomination and many people just don’t have that kind of time to devote to it.

We estimate that the Honours Secretariat at the Cabinet Office receive about 20,000 nomination a year and about 1 in 10 (just 10%) are successful.

Our success rate is unsurpassed at 2 in 3 (about 65%).

We are experts, the best at what we do having had lots of practises, over 900 nominations in fact.

While you could, in theory, knock up an honour’s nomination on a wet Sunday afternoon or even in your lunch-hour, is it really going to cut it at the Cabinet Office? We suggest that it’s highly unlikely given the level of competition. It is, after all, the most prestigious award in the world and globally recognised. A life changing achievement for most people.

Here’s that address again for more info and a free honest assessment: enquiries@awardsintelligence.co.uk.

At least then you will be armed with all the facts and information you need to enable you to make a balanced decision on the next steps weather you decide to go it alone or bring in our experts.

Find out how to nominate someone for an honour like an MBE, OBE or CBE.