Q: How do I write a powerful award entry?

Write powerful award entries

First step

Writing a winning entry to a business award takes a great deal of skill, time and resource so it’s important to invest effort in researching the most suitable awards and categories to enter in the first place.
It’s not rocket science, but you’d be amazed how many businesses enter categories they have no realistic chance of winning. After all, you can’t boast about your fabulous customer service if you have lousy online reviews and no decent testimonials. Not if you want to win, anyway. Do your due diligence and enter awards that are a match to your strengths.


Gather all the evidence you need to write a powerful submission that tells your great story. Focus on what the judges want to see. Look at the criteria and consider including:
• case studies
• proof of financial achievements
• graphics, visuals, stats, customer feedback
• Evidence of your track record
• Industry-beating data


Present your organisation in the best possible light and don’t fall on technicalities. Invest in proofreading for accurate spelling, grammar and consistency.
One high-achieving company was disqualified from the King’s Award for Enterprise for presenting data in the wrong order, so turnover looked as if it had shrunk rather than soared.