Q: How do I give my entry that winning edge?

Less is more

There is a temptation to include too much additional information in your award entry in the form of supporting documents, appendices, org charts and financial graphs. Choose only the best and most evocative statistics, images and testimonials to support your case and only include material if it really adds value by substantiating your claims to persuade the judges.

Make it real

Use real-life examples and case studies to bring your entry to life. This is particularly effective if you can demonstrate key benefits for customers/clients/end users, or evidence-based improvements to a service or practice. Glowing testimonials are also worth including.


Colleagues may have a different perspective than you, so it’s always worth having an extra pair of eyes to sense check and proofread your entry for mistakes or ambiguity.

Keep it simple

Remember to avoid industry-specific jargon or you may baffle the judges. Technical terms should always be explained and don’t include acronyms unless their meaning is made clear on first usage.

Don’t be shy

Now is not the time to be bashful about your business achievements. Write about what it is you do that is outstanding or different to your competitors. Avoid wild claims and bragging but do convey your passion and pride to win over the judges.

Seeking help

Writing a winning entry takes energy and commitment and not everybody has the time to devote to crafting a strong submission. If that sounds like you, then call in the experts.