Q: Can you guarantee that I will get a Royal Honour if I appoint you?

The average success rate across all honours nominations is estimated to be about 1 in 10 (just 10%). As I mentioned above, our success rate is an industry leading 2 in 3 (about 65%). Why are you 6.5 times more likely to succeed with our help?

Because we are experts in our niche and the best at what we do. We have honed our skills on over 900 nominations during the last 13 years and have learned what works and doesn’t work. It’s like most things in life: if you do something enough times you tend to get good at it!
Why don’t we have a 100% success rate? The main reason is that we can’t control the quality of the other nominations being judged alongside yours.
If, for example, there are several eminent surgeons being considered for a particular round and you happen to be an eminent surgeon also being considered at the same time, you may not make the cut. Unfortunately, we can’t control the competition.
Having said that, the Cabinet Office will often carry over a strong nomination to the next list if they think it may well make the grade next time around.
So, we can’t guarantee you will be successful, in the same way that a driving instructor can’t guarantee you will pass your driving test. But we can increase your chances of success significantly.