Q: How do I write a successful award entry?

There are five ways to maximise your chances in any awards you enter:
• Stress your strategic thinking and how you have adapted to events
• Your financials are key – as well as core growth, look for extra examples of improvement wherever you can find them
• Make the most of the full word count for each question – but keep it relevant!
• Use testimonials to back up your boasting
• Don’t delay – compiling a shining entry takes a great deal of work

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Q: How do I tell if an award is right for me?

  • Look at previous winners – would you like to join their ranks and be mentioned alongside their brands?
  •  Look at the title – is it something you’d be proud to shout about, such as the National Business Awards or the Best Business Awards?
  • Choose the right category – what will give you most credibility with your customers: World Finance Exporter of the Year or West Yorkshire Customer
    Service Team of the Year?
  • Are you good enough to win? Remember, you don’t have to be the best in the world, just the best to enter that category of that award this time around.
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