Why didn’t we think of that?

‘Why didn’t we think of that?’…This is often the first thing we think when a rags-to-riches story hits the news. But the fact of the matter is, we didn’t, and these entrepreneurs HAVE not only thought of it, they’ve had the determination and business nous to take the idea to market and make a success of it.

Entrepreneurship has been well celebrated within the 2015 New Years Honours List and so it should be. A little tinge of envy may be felt when hearing these stories, but when you realise the boost to British economy and the thousands of jobs created, that envy soon fades away.

Below are some examples of true entrepreneurship and how this has led individuals to be rewarded with Queen’s honours.

Richard Moross (pictured above) was awarded an MBE at the turn of the year for his services to Entrepreneurship. Richard is the founder and CEO of Moo.com, one of the world’s fastest-growing print businesses.

Launched in late 2006, MOO is focussed on disrupting the multi-billion dollar print industry, with its unique approach to design, technology and operations. This has allowed it to sustain industry-leading NPS, gross margin and top-line growth for a business of its size. To date, Moo has served millions of customers in nearly 200 countries and employs 300 people across 5 locations in the UK and USA.

A common piece of advice when starting a new business is to find a solution to a problem you already have. That’s exactly what Brent Shawzin Hoberman achieved and he now has a CBE to show for it. Brent co-founded Lastminute.com with Martha Lane Fox CBE in 1998. The online travel and leisure retailer fully-profited from the Internet boom in the 1990’s and has gone from strength to strength ever since.

Entrepreneurship is not all about turnover and profit margins. Social entrepreneurship was also rewarded within the 2015 Queen’s Honours List.

Mark Johnson was awarded an MBE for his services to social entrepreneurship. Mark Johnson, founder and CEO of User Voice. User Voice was set up in 2009 and has been supported by the Foundation since 2010 for work including the development of its Excluded Youth project. User Voice operates on the principle that only by listening to ex-offenders can rehabilitation service providers develop effective policies to break the cycle of re-offending.

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