The UK’s Got Talent!

Queen’s honours are awarded to individuals who use their skills, talents and expertise to put back into society and improve life for others.

Every nominee is unique, with a different story to tell and a varied path to success, but there is one thing they all have in common – they are exceptional in some way. Take for example these recent honours recipients who have used their talents as a platform for helping others:

10 years ago Nicola Benedetti, (pictured above) became one of the best-known faces in classical music when she won the prestigious Young Musician of the Year accolade. Since winning the award, Nicola has been recognized with an MBE for her ongoing commitment to charity, and for her work supporting music education for young people.

Tim Campbell, Founder and Chairman of the Bright Ideas Trust – an organisation set up to give start-up loans and training to young entrepreneurs in London, also recently launched the “LondonlovesTalent” Awards after receiving an MBE for his work and achievements.  

Proving the theory that personal awards can be a platform for helping others, Tim said, “I’m so passionate about nurturing talent and I think it’s vital that companies showcase their achievements in the talent, skills, leadership and workforce development areas so that others may learn from, and replicate, their good work”.

Meanwhile, Anna Kennedy, who supports those affected by autism and fights to improve life for individuals, their families and carers, recently used her work to develop the talents of young people with Autism – setting up the “Autism’s Got Talent” roadshow.

Anna, who received an her OBE for her services to special needs, said she was was delighted to receive the award and “accepted it on behalf of all the people who have helped her campaign for autism over the years”.

Do you know someone who has a talent for helping others? Or have you used your special skills, expertise and knowledge to make things better for a particular group or sector of society? Perhaps your professional skills and expertise are viewed as a real talent?

Anyone can nominate another person for an honour for going above and beyond the call of duty, having an inspirational influence on their peers and creating a positive impact on society.

So don’t delay, get your talented candidate’s nomination in front of the judges and get them the recognition they need to do even more good work with their talents and skills and expertise. 

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