OMG an OBE!!

The story began with an enquiry from Monica, she had stumbled upon our website whilst trying to find out how to make a Queen’s honour nomination.

Monica’s call was a familiar one for us – she told us her husband Philip had been working in his field of business for nearly 20 years. During his working life he had influenced major changes to the industry, set standards for best practice and changed the lives of his employees and colleagues for the better.

Yet Philip had never received any formal recognition for his achievements, and Monica had seen the disappointment in his eyes when he read a former colleague’s name in the Honours List last New Year.

So Monica decided it was time to put things right, but she didn’t know where to start. With a full and busy life herself she had no spare time to find all the evidence and details for such a high level nomination, and she didn’t want to entrust such a task to Philip’s colleagues and friends who were also busy with their own commitments.

“Leave it to us” we said, and after an initial meeting with Monica we set to work researching Philip’s work and achievements. We discreetly contacted his colleagues, spoke with his company chairman and gathered insights and comments from a variety of people who had experienced his work first-hand.

We sourced all kinds of evidence and material and created a nomination so compelling that it reduced poor Monica to tears!

Once we had gathered the last of the letters from the supporters, the nomination was submitted to the Cabinet Office to be independently considered by an expert committee.

In the intervening months we carried on with many more award nominations and applications and celebrated the success of many clients. We kept in touch with Monica, but eventually communication went quiet as she carried on with her busy life.

And that’s when it happened…Monica had been hopeful for an MBE for Philip, so when he got the letter inviting him to accept an OBE it was all she could do not to “shout it from the rooftops”!

We were of course delighted for both Monica and Philip, and it wouldn’t be unfair to say there was an extra spring in our consultant’s step that day!

Monica’s story has become a firm favourite in the AI office, and we are delighted to share her story with you. All names have been changed to protect identities as we never knowingly divulge who we work with on a Queen’s honour nomination – take a look at our website for more anonymous Queen’s honours testimonials.

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