Non-exec and public appointment vacancies

Non-executive directors have an important contribution to make to the effective running of many companies. Their role is to provide an objective and creative contribution to the board of directors of the private or public company. Many non-executive directorships are paid, and often lead to further business and personal opportunities. 
A public appointment is an appointment to the board of a public body or government committee. Around 18,500 people hold a public appointment, some of which are paid while others are voluntary. Both of these types of appointments are open to people from all walks of life with private, public or third sector backgrounds.
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Here are a selection of current vacancies: 
Department for Communities and Local Government: Non-Executive Director, closing date: Week commencing 2nd December 2013.
Department of Energy and Climate Change – Contracts for Difference (CFD) counterparty company and Capacity Market settlement body: Senior Independent Director, closing date: 6th November 2013.
Ministry of Justice – Legal Services Board: Chair, closing date: 8th November 2013.
Croydon Health Services NHS Trust: Non-executive Director, closing date: 7th November.
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