Nobel Prize invites nominations for 2016

Open to both individuals and companies, the Nobel Prize is without doubt the most prestigious award of its kind in the world. Some would argue that it beats a knighthood in terms of prestige and credibility.

With a long list of potential benefits including: global recognition, enhanced reputation, increased research grants and a prize sum currently standing at around £600,000 who wouldn’t want to win a Nobel Prize?

Since its launch in 1901 there have been 889 winners, known as Nobel Laureates.

There are six types of Nobel Prizes:





Economic Sciences


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The nomination forms for 2016 have been sent to those people who are eligible to nominate someone during September and the prize committees are now ready to receive entries.

The deadline for entry is 31st January 2016.

Winners will be announced in October 2016 and the award ceremonies will be in December 2016 where each winner receives a Nobel Medal, a Diploma and a document confirming the prize sum.

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