MBE for multicultural greeting card company founder Jessica Huie

It is often the quiet achievers on the Queen’s Honours List who provide us with the most inspirational tales. For Jessica Huie (pictured above) a 34 year-old entrepreneur with a social conscience, this speculation certainly holds true.

Her launch of Colorblind Cards in 2007 brought diversity to the UK greeting cards market for the very first time. Whilst the gap in the market provided a commercial opportunity, this venture was much more than a range of cards for Jessca Huie. It was the potential social impact that was at the heart of her motivation. 

Under her leadership the business has grown rapidly. Within six months her cards were stocked all over the UK and they had even made as far as South Africa and Barbados.

The business has won numerous awards and they now have an established presence in the US. More importantly, children in many countries now have access to positive images which reflect their identity.

In view of the strength of her business acumen, Jessica has made a fine mentor to budding young entrepreneurs. In the statement released by the Cabinet Office coinciding with the publication of the Birthday Honours List, she was praised for regularly giving her time and experience on a voluntary basis.

Recognising and highlighting the quiet achievers in society is a facet of the honours system that few would deny is a force for good. It is incredibly important that the people who donate their time and expertise and who go beyond the call of duty, are given public recognition as this motivates them to continue their good work and inspires others to do the same. 

Commenting on receiving her gong, she said the recognition was significant not for where she is today, but probably the distance she has travelled.

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