How to build a world-class reputation

A good reputation is not just skin deep.  To make reputation really work for you it needs to become part of your corporate or individual culture. So how do you go about achieving this?

PR or reputation management as we often refer to it are sometimes seen as black arts, difficult to manage and unpredictable. But in reality there is no reason why reputation management cannot be managed in the same way as any other aspect of business. A great reputation will lead to increased trust and open doors to new opportunities.

We also believe that blind normality is a road to nowhere in a world of oversupply. So if you haven’t got a winning reputation for something then you need to get yourself one. If you already have one, then you had better ensure that you hold on to it, protect it and nurture it in a fiercely competitive marketplace. Winning business awards and personal honours are, of course, a great way to build a world-class reputation.

Your reputation could derive from anywhere, an idea, the business logic, quality, pricing, the packaging, the people you employ, the business culture, community activity or charity support, but if you’re not careful, is likely to be bad rather than good. So do take your corporate or personal reputation seriously, be proactive and be sure to nurture and manage it.

Start with the end in mind…