House of Lords Feedback Petition

Please sign our e-petition: House of Lords to Provide Feedback to Unsuccessful Applicants.

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Signing this petition will help to make the application process for Independent Cross-Bench Peers, or ‘People’s Peers’ as they are often called, more transparent, enabling people to learn from the experience and address any weaknesses or short comings. At the moment, the House of Lords Appointments Commission is not required to provide feedback, advice or guidance to unsuccessful candidates.

The House of Lords plays an essential role in our democracy through its scrutiny and revision of legislation, by holding the Government to account through questioning ministers and by initiating enquiries on issues of national importance.

If we get at least 100,000 signatures this matter will be considered for debate in the House of Commons and hopefully lead to change. However, we only have until 30 March 2015 to make it happen.

Please take action now: