Belinda Parmar awarded OBE for services to women in technology

There are many words used to describe the work of those receiving Queen’s Honours: influential, innovative and unique spring to mind. Belinda Parmar, CEO of Lady Geek and founder of the social enterprise Little Miss Geek, epitomises all three.  
Lady Geek is a creative agency that has transformed the way companies communicate and engage with women. She has made it her personal mission “to end stereotyping and patronising of women within technology”. In doing this, Belinda Parmar has gone a long way towards ending what she calls the ‘shrink it and pink it’ approach. 
Since its launch in 2001, Lady Geek has become one of the most successful agencies in the UK. They have won countless awards and their current client list includes some of the biggest global brands – Google, Samsung and Vodaphone to name a few. 
Little Miss Geek is a not-for-profit subsidiary of Lady Geek. It is the social enterprise behind an award-winning campaign inspiring girls and women to become technology pioneers. 
Little Miss Geek has worked in numerous schools across the UK, reaching out to over 10,000 students, encouraging girls to want to change the world through technology. The campaign has gained considerable traction – their involvement in one inner city London school has increased the number of girls studying Computer Science by a staggering 52%.
Their success has not gone unnoticed. The campaign generates of wave of media interest at every step and it has amassed the support of over 40 MPs including Theresa May and Ed Vaizey.  
An OBE now tops a series of prestigious accolades for Belinda Parmar. In view of the innovation and significance of her work, it is great to see she has received public recognition for her outstanding commitment and ingenuity. Given the vivacity of her determination, it seems likely that her OBE will not be the final endorsement of her amazing career. 
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