Walpole – Brands of Tomorrow 2016

Are you a British luxury brand? 

If so, the next few paragraphs could be of real interest to you. 

Applications are now open for Walpole’s prestigious Brands of Tomorrow programme 2016. 

The quote below, taken from Walpole’s website, gives you further insight into the organisation:

“Walpole is a unique alliance of 170 of Britain’s finest luxury brands with a mission to promotes, protects and develops the unique qualities of UK luxury: the long tradition, rich heritage, superior craftsmanship, innovation, design, style, and impeccable service at the heart of the industry – currently worth over £25 billion to the UK economy, a leading creator of jobs and major contributor to the British economy.”

If successful, The Brand of Tomorrow programme provides bespoke coaching from leaders of some of Britain’s finest luxury brands, with the aspiration to develop each organisation into full Walpole members. 

Learn more about the programme here.

You will need to decide quickly, as the deadline for applicants is 28th October. A shortlist is then drawn up with each organisation invited to produce a half hour presentation in early December. 

Last year 12 organisations were successful making up a grand total of 75 over the last eight years. Many have grown into leading brands, see a full list here

All entrants need to have an annual turnover between £100,000 and £4 million and demonstrate the highest standard of quality. 

Find out how we can manage the application and increase your chances of success by emailing us at enquiries@awardsintelligence.co.uk or giving us a call on +44 (0)1444 230130.