The Real Innovation Awards 2018

These awards were designed to highlight and celebrate the real, messy business of innovation – a process that’s a world away from what most people imagine it to be.

Innovation is the wellspring of change. Without a constant supply of clever, creative and fresh ways of doing things, the engine of economic progress would grind to a halt.

There are many innovation awards on offer, but real innovation is messy, uncertain and serendipitous. And so, the Real Innovation Awards were born – an award scheme designed to showcase the authentic, haphazard and exciting business of real innovation and to identify and celebrate those people and organisations who exemplify the way it really works.


If at First You Don’t Succeed Award

The Masters of Reinvention Award

The Best Beats First Award

the George Bernard Shaw Unreasonable Person Award

The Alexander Fleming Serendipity Award

The Harnessing the Winds of Change

Key Dates:

Entry Deadline: 25th May 2018

Awards Ceremony: 1st November 2018

For more information please visit: The Real Innovation Awards

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