The Dragon Awards 2015

The Dragon Awards, organised by the Lord Mayor, are designed to reward those who display real commitment to engaging with their local community in the hope it will inspire others to do the same. 

The 2013 edition of the Dragon Awards marked a watershed in the history of these prestigious awards. Up until that year the list of winners was perhaps a little too dominated by some of the world’s biggest companies. So two years ago they embarked on a mission to double the number of SMEs entering the awards. In view of the fact that SMEs make up 99.8% of London’s private sector businesses this was perhaps the most significant revision to the Dragon Awards in its 25-year history. 

To create a more level playing field for SMEs to enter, their entries are judged separately from the larger businesses. The Dragon awards are not just for the private sector. They are open to organisations from all sectors, of all sizes and budgets. Indeed, previous winners include a wide variety of charities, local authorities, educational establishments and other public bodies. 

Eligible activities can include charity partnerships, employee volunteering, employability initiatives and local purchasing. 

Winning one of the Dragon awards carries some real kudos. Your organisation will be instantly recognised as an ambassador for community involvement, which carries weight with many people across the capital. In addition to this, you can expect a wave of media coverage and interest. 

If you are leading the way in corporate community involvement make sure you take the time to tell others about the great work you are doing. To enter the Dragon awards you will need to complete your submission by the 18th of May 2015. 


Community Partners Award

Education and Lifelong Learning Award

Enterprise and Employment Award

Heart of the City Award for Best New Community Programme

Lord Mayor’s Award for Longstanding Achievement

Future Proofing Charities Award

Go to the Dragon Awards for more information.

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