The CSI Awards 2015 – Open for entries


Cable & Satellite International magazine’s annual CSI awards is undoubtedly already in the calendars of many professionals from the diverse cable, satellite, terrestrial TV, IPTV and video sectors.  

As the landscape of these sectors continues to evolve, the awards continue to mirror the recent trends and developments. This year two new categories are on the list: Best HbbTV technology or service and Best data & analytics innovation. 

Past entrants include a diverse range of companies that market technology, including hardware, software and services across the cable, satellite, terrestrial TV, IPTV and video sectors. The types of services/products/solutions typically entered include technology, including hardware, software and services marketed at the cable, satellite, terrestrial TV or IPTV sectors.


Open to organisations based in any location and of any size that supplies products, software or services across the cable, satellite, terrestrial TV, IPTV and video sectors.

To qualify, the launch of the products/solutions/services entered must have taken place during the calendar years 2014 and 2015, (up to and including May 12th, 2015).  

There is a limit of seven entries per company

Additionally, you can enter the same product in seven different categories, but there is a maximum of three products per category.

Deadline for entries: 13th May 2015


Best digital video processing technology

Best cable or fibre contribution/distribution/transmission solution

Best satellite contribution/distribution/transmission solution

Best monitoring or network management solution

Best customer premise technology

Best content protection technology

Best content-on-demand solution

Best interactive TV technology or application

Best IPTV technology or service

Best mobile TV technology or service

Best Web TV technology or service

Best Ultra HD TV Technology or project 

Best TV everywhere/multi-screen video

Best Social TV technology, service or application

Best Contribution to TV Accessibility

Best HbbTV technology or service 

Best data & analytics innovation

Best Cloud/virtualiastion innovation – New

Best Smart home product, technology or service – New

Best IoT product, technology or application – New

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