Sir Philip Green and the BHS debacle

Here’s a few loosely transcribed soundbites from a couple of BBC interviews I did recently about ‘Greengate’ along with recordings of the full interviews (just click on the pictures):

Sir Philip Green chatting

“As the dust begins to settle after the near public flogging Sir Philip received yesterday from the likes of Frank Field MP and the press, I think morally he needs to put his hand in his pocket if he is going to keep his knighthood. If he doesn’t he shouldn’t be surprised if he is stripped of it.” 

“I think the topic of discussion in the Green household today, or should I say on the Green £100m super-yatch which is currently touring the Greek Islands, will centre around how much money he gives back and also the implications of life without a knighthood. I have a feeling that being able to call himself ‘Sir’ and his wife ‘Lady’ means a lot to them. It’s like a badge of honour and high social standing which to them is probably worth a few hundred million. I doubt going back to plain old MR and MRS is an option.”

“When considering nominating someone for a Queen’s honour, the million-dollar question is have these people gone above and beyond the call of duty because people don’t get honours for simply doing their job, or at least they shouldn’t. And it is literally the million-dollar question because that’s what a knighthood or peerage is probably worth in terms of earning capacity by leveraging one of these prestigious honours. The reputational benefits and personal branding benefits are immense.”

“He hasn’t actually broken the law as far as I’m aware so can’t be legally forced to get his cheque book out, the issue here is about doing the right thing. But let’s not lose sight of the fact that, putting the BHS issue aside, Green is an outstanding entrepreneur. He’s created a huge amount of jobs and wealth for this country. There seem to be some large slices of jealous pie being passed around. Particularly from people who have never made any money in their lives and make a living out of spending other peoples.”

Sir Philip proudly receiving his knighthood