Institute of Promotional Marketing (IPM) Awards 2014

7 things you need to know about the Institute of Promotional Marketing (IPM) Awards 2014
1) Why should I enter the IPM Awards?
Great opportunity to demonstrate the creativity, effectiveness and pride that go into the work you create
Prove to your clients and peers just how outstanding your work is
2) Who can enter?
Open to agencies, brands and service providers
You do not have to be an IPM member to enter
4) Which categories should I enter?
Promotional techniques can now be found in 99% of the marketing campaigns that are run in this country, and the 32 categories you can enter work into in THE AWARDS 2014 reflect the variety and depth of today’s promotional marketing industry. Any promotional marketing campaign that ran in the UK during 2013 is eligible, and 
Your campaign MUST be entered into ONE Section A or B category (A1 to B15), before it can be entered into Sections C to G. The campaign can then be entered into as many other categories as you wish, including other A and B categories
A. Industry Sectors
B. Motivation
C. Ethical Campaigns 
D. Promotional Objectives 
E. Channel Promotions 
F. Creativity
G. Special Promotions
A1. Automotive and Consumer Durables
A2. Travel, Tourism, Recreation and Leisure
A3. Utilities, Technology & Telecoms 
A4. Financial and Professional Services 
A5. Foods 
A6. Non-Alcoholic drinks
A7. Alcoholic Drinks
A8. Healthcare, Fashion and Beauty 
A9 Household and Pet-Care 
A10. Media 
A11. Retail, Home Shopping and E- Commerce
A12. Not for Profit, Charity and Public Sector
B13. Sales Incentive Programmes
B14. Employee Recognition Programmes
B15. Customer Services and Quality
C16. Social and Personal Responsibility 
D17. Short Term Trial and Awareness 
D18. Long-Term Loyalty and Relationship Marketing 
E19. Experiential Marketing at Point of Purchase
E20. Experiential Marketing Away From the Normal
E21. Shopping Centre Marketing
E22. Direct Marketing
E23. Shopper Marketing
E24. Social Media 
E25. On-pack Promotions
F26. Art Direction and Copywriting
F27. Innovation
G28. Sponsorship & Tie-in
G29. Commercial Partnership Marketing
G30. Charity Partnership Marketing 
G31. Small Budget Campaigns 
G32. International Campaigns
5) When is the entry deadline? Monday, 10th February 2014
6) Where can I find out more?  2014 IPM Awards website
7) How can I improve my chances of winning an IPM Award? Get in touch with Awards Intelligence to save valuable time and increase your chances of success.