EACA Care Awards 2015

The EACA Care Awards is a creative Award which aims to recognise excellence in social marketing as part of EACA’s overall commitment to promote Corporate Social Responsibility. The main aim of this annual ceremony is to highlight the advertising industry’s specific contribution to society by selecting and celebrating the most successfully creative social marketing campaigns.

The Awards cover subjects such as public health, environment, sustainable consumption, public safety, disability, human rights, domestic violence, child abuse, homelessness, education and other similar topical public issues.

The competition is open to any agency, media owner, company, organisation, or association.

This is the last chance to enter the awards with the entry deadline, 10th March 2015 just around the corner!

2015 Categories

Non-profit Organisations and Non-governmental Bodies – An organisation which exists for educational or charitable reasons and from which its shareholders or trustees do not benefit financially. An organisation created by private persons or organisations with no participation or representation of any government.

Government Bodies and Related Organisation – An organisation that is the governing authority of a political unit, the ruling power in a political society and the apparatus through which a governing body functions and exercises authority.

Local and Regional Authorities – Government departments which make decisions on a local or regional level e.g. ministries, district, borough or city councils, regional development agencies.

Corporate Governance (CSR) – Corporate campaigns that promote care for safety, youth, communities and the environment.

Healthy Lifestyle Promotion – Campaigns which promote healthy eating, physical exercise and lifestyles which combat obesity.

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