CILT Annual Awards for Excellence 2015

Widely recognised by the media and the business community, the annual CILT Awards for Excellence provide the perfect opportunity for logistics and transport companies to gain recognition for their outstanding achievements. The awards are open to organisations of all sizes and the CILT are keen to stress that they are committed to honouring small local companies and it’s the strength of your achievements that really matters.  
The importance of the CILT Awards for the transport and logistics industry cannot be overstated. In times of economic uncertainty and intense competition all firms need to maximise every viable opportunities to boost their appeal and raise their profile. Entering and winning awards is perhaps the most effective route to achieving these gains. Awards add credibility to your organisation, provide independent validation of your claims and make closing new deals that little bit easier.   
Don’t miss out on this great opportunity – complete your entries to the CILT Excellence Awards by 29th May 2015. 
You can enter more than one category to increase your chances of winning. 
Development of People
Environmental Improvement
Freight Transport Best Practice
Information Management
Logistics and Transport Journalist
Operations Management
Passenger Transport Best Practice
Supply Chain Best Practice
Transport Policy, Planning and Implementation
Vulnerable Road Users Safety 
Warehouse Operations 
Young Manager
Go to the CILT Awards for more information.
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