AA Hospitality Awards 2015-2016

Each year the UK’s leading, hoteliers restaurateurs and chefs strive to win an award that carries real weight with consumers both in the UK and around the world – an AA Hospitality Award.
A victory at the awards ceremony will give you the endorsement you need to take your establishment to the next level. This year 23 awards will be presented to the finest entrants across 11 categories. The majority of categories have three seperate awards for England, Scotland and Wales.
While the quality of your service will ultimately win you the award it is incredibly important that your written statement is as polished as the finest silverware. 
Applications must be completed by the 10th April 2015
AA Pub of the Year Award
AA Wine Award
AA Spirit Award
AA Restaurant of the Year Award
AA Chefs’ Chef of the Year Award 
AA Small Hotel Group of the Year Award 
AA Hotel Group of the Year Award 
AA Eco Hotel Awards 
AA Hotel of the Year Award 
AA Food Service Award 
AA Lifetime achievement Award
AA Housekeeper of the Year Award
For more information go to the AA Hospitality Awards.
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