2015 CIPD Recruitment Marketing Awards

Launched way back in 1980, The CIPD Marketing Awards have recognised best practice, creativity and innovation in recruitment marketing and talent management for quite some time. Stemming from this, The CIPD Recruitment Marketing Awards are both well known and highly coveted by the recruitment industry. As the landscape of the industry changes, the awards evolve each year to incorporate the latest trends and developments.

Key Dates:

Entry deadline: 20/03/2015                                                        

Awards ceremony: 15/07/2015

There are 18 categories that you can enter:

1. Best Art Direction – For great concepts and intelligent use of photography or illustration and layout.

2. Best Use Of Copywriting (In Print, Online Or Mobile) – Any marketing that demonstrates engaging, original and enticing copy.

3. Campaign Of The Year – A series of work aimed at the same target audience over at least three different pieces of work. Graduate campaigns are excluded from this category.

4. Best Press Advertisement For any single print advertisement that created an immediate impact.

5. Best Graduate Initiative – For recruitment activity aimed at the graduate audience.

6. Best Outdoor Campaign – Such as ambient media, posters, campus events and outdoor installations.

7. Best Digital Solution – Open to all campaigns/initiatives that makes use of digital media; so banners, email, interactive games and virtual environments are all included. Essentially, anything that isn’t a website.

8. Best Recruitment Website (Below £50,000 Investment) – For creative but usable websites that engage employees or future employees. The ‘budget’ is defined by investment from April 2013 to 28 March 2014 and doesn’t include on-going development costs.

9. Best Recruitment Website (Above £50,000 Investment) – Terms as for category 8 above.

10. Best Internal Communications – Including, internal recruitment advertisements, induction programmes, referral schemes or intranets.

11. Best Use Of Social Media – Open to all recruitment campaigns/initiatives that makes use of social/professional networking media.

12. Best Use Of Video – For the best examples of video production and direction.

13. Best Use Of Mobile – For campaigns designed to engage and recruit candidates via mobile technology.

14. Best Employer Brand – For work that impacts the whole employee lifecycle.

15. Recruitment Effectiveness – For well-planned and well-executed initiatives that have helped companies to achieve their talent acquisition goals.

16. Best Diversity and Inclusion Initiative – For campaigns or initiatives that have successfully attracted or retained talent from diverse or under-represented backgrounds.

17. Best In-House Recruitment Team – Open to all recruitment marketing initiatives created, managed and delivered by an in-house team.

18. Agency Of The Year – For a recruitment agency that makes clients’ lives easy by sourcing the very best talent on their behalf.

Grand Prix Award – A winner award will be chosen from the best of the best

Go to the CIPD Recruitment Marketing Awards site for more information.

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