2014 Big Innovation Awards

Innovation in business takes many forms but shares the quality of having a discernable and significant impact on performance. 
In the last 12 months have you?
Implemented superior methods or processes
Created complimentary products or services
Found a new channel to bring your product or service to market
Undergone a successful rebrand
Added new distinguishing features or functionality to your offering
Introduced a new profit model
Developed new ways to engage with your customers
If the answer is yes, then it is time to gain lasting recognition for your creativity and foresight. Unlike many other awards schemes, The Big Innovation Awards are not a competition. Every innovation that the expert judges deem worthy of recognition receives an award. 
It is sometimes difficult to convey the true value of a particular innovation to investors, potential clients or senior managers. Winning an award for your innovation will seal your success and give you an advantage over your competitors.  
Key information:
Open to organisations of any size operating in any country
Innovations must have been conceived or brought to market in the last 12 months
The impact or potential impact of your innovation must be demonstrated by concrete measurements or analysis
Nominations must be received by 6th December 2013
Winners are announced on 15th January 2014
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