How do I tell if an award is right for me?

• Look at previous winners – would you like to join their ranks and be mentioned alongside their brands?
• Look at the title – is it something you’d be proud to shout about, such as the
National Business Awards or the Best Business Awards?
• Choose the right category – what will give you most credibility with your
customers: World Finance Exporter of the Year or West Yorkshire Customer
Service Team of the Year?
• Are you good enough to win? Remember, you don’t have to be the best in the
world, just the best to enter that category of that award this time around.

If you’ve answered yes to any of these, then you probably can’t afford NOT to enter! If
your competitors are winning awards (furnishing their website with winners’ logos and
accolades) you are in danger of being left behind.
The secret is to carefully build a targeted Awards Plan with a number of entries over the
course of the year, rather than aimlessly drifting from entering one award to another
when the mood takes you. You’ll build what US Presidential candidates call “The Big Mo” –
the momentum that takes you from one win to the next.
We know that smart planning and choosing the right awards and categories from the
outset can increase your chances of winning by about 20% before you even put pen to