How do I make my award efforts pay off?

TOP 10 Business tips – No. 9

Make your award efforts pay off

Step 1
Research previous winners of your chosen award

Ask yourself – honestly – is your company of the same calibre, within your sector, as other organisations that have been successful? Would the award organisers be proud to announce you as a worthy winner? If the answers are no, then move on and find a more suitable award.

Step 2
Choose the right category

There’s no point in entering the best customer service category if your customer feedback is poor. Don’t enter the fast growth category if you don’t have the stats and financials to substantiate your claims. Don’t enter the innovation category if your competitors all have the same product or service and you aren’t offering anything unique.

This shouldn’t be rocket science but, in short, don’t enter a category that you have no realistic chance of winning!

Play to your strengths. Start by choosing a category where you have persuasive evidence that will add strength and credibility to your entry. Don’t just SAY you are the best at what you do: PROVE it!

Step 3
Stop procrastinating

If you are still unsure how to get started then contact us and we will send you details of our business awards services.  The average success rate for companies entering business awards is 1 in 10. Ours is 2 in 3.
Be business savvy!