How much do you charge?

Continuing to answer your frequently asked questions, this one is
– unsurprisingly – always near the top!

Our standard drafting fees are £1900 + VATper entry. This includes meeting with you (currently in accordance with Covid-19 restrictions) in order to have a better understanding of your business, and to gather the necessary background information, as well as drafting and fully managing each award entry – including having your entry professionally designed where permissible, and handling all the necessary but time-consuming admin.

Our standard drafting fee applies to about 95% of awards across the world. Exceptions include a small number of awards with particularly long and detailed entry processes, which we call our Flagship Awards, and some of these are priced individually as follows:

Flagship award fees
Queen’s Awards for Enterprise £6900 + VAT
Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year £3900 + VAT
Institute of Directors: Director of the Year £3900 + VAT
International Business Awards (aka The Stevies) £3900 + VAT
National Business Awards £2900 + VAT (NB: This award is paused for 2021 due to the pandemic)
European Business Awards £2495 + VAT
Chamber Business Awards £2495 + VAT
Great British Entrepreneur Awards £2495 + VAT

If this sounds expensive then bear in mind that writing a business award entry is a long and time consuming process to do well. There are lots of key factors to take into consideration, and you need to keep the criteria, and what the judges might be looking for, as the foundation of any solid entry. Entries must be tailored to each category: you can’t simply cut and paste a bit of marketing copy and expect it to be successful!
 In any award, the judges will be looking for evidence of how you lead the field and innovate to improve. They want to know what business obstacles and industry challenges you have confronted and how you overcame them. They are looking to see how you shape events, anticipate problems and identify opportunities, rather than simply reacting to the market. They want examples of vision and strategic thinking. If you give the impression that success just fell into your lap, you won’t score highly – this is where we at Awards Intelligence come in – addressing these and other points, carefully crafting your entry, and doing all the hard work for you.

Other questions that crop up regularly

Can you guarantee that I will win an award if I appoint you?
Nothing is certain in life, or business! However, the average success rate across all award entries is estimated to be about 1 in 10 (just 10%). Our success rate is an industry leading 2 in 3 (about 65%).

Why are you 6.5 times more likely to succeed with our help?
Because we are experts in our niche and the best at what we do. We have drafted literally hundreds of award entries during the last 13 years and have learned what works and doesn’t work. It’s like most things in life: if you do something enough times you tend to get good at it!