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We are the market-leading experts in helping businesses win awards. There are thousands of business awards available to enter, but we work with our clients to choose those that will support them in meeting their strategic goals and showcase the very best of what they do. 

Our expert service saves clients valuable time and effort: we craft compelling entries that maximise their chances of winning. Our clients come to us seeking a raised profile and enhanced reputation across their industry and with their customers, and to set them apart from their competitors.

Businesses priorities, strengths and achievements change and develop all the time. We work with our business clients to plan and enter awards that align with their business goals and future aspirations, giving them the edge to get them where they need to be. Winning business awards will improve trust and credibility, strengthen the ability to secure investment and attract new customers. In short, winning business awards independently proves you are the best.


The Kings Award for Enterprise was first established in 1966 and since then over 7,000 companies have been awarded since. It is the most prestigious award a UK based company can win, though globally recognised and desired, with only around 200 of these incredible accolades given out each year.

We will evaluate your business against The King’s Awards for Enterprise eligibility requirements to determine how many awards you should apply for.

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Sponsored by NatWest, these awards recognise the achievements of British entrepreneurs and businesses. The awards focus on the individual stories of success, irrespective of turnover or the size of the business. The awards ceremonies are held across the UK and are about creating a community for entrepreneurs to connect to and thrive within. There are currently 14 award categories, including: entrepreneurial spirit, family business, health and beauty, disruptor, scale-up, small business and service industries.

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For over 20 years this award has celebrated and connected successful UK entrepreneurs who have made a positive impact on society and the economy. The award is run across 4 regions: London and South, Midlands, North and Scotland. Entrants compete according to the region in which their business is mainly based. Winners not only gain recognition nationally but also globally as the awards are part of a worldwide programme covering over 50 countries.

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The King’s Awards for Enterprise – though globally recognised – are the most prestigious awards a UK based company can win, and only around 200 of these incredible accolades are given out each year. Not every company is eligible to enter the King’s Awards competition: there are 4 categories, and you must be able to meet the strict entry criteria to be considered for this award.

“After several years and some failures trying to do this ourselves, thank-you for this brilliant win by you and Keith resulting in Unilink receiving one of the first King’s Awards for International Trade. I have been impressed by your commitment and guidance to help us and I have no hesitation in recommending Awards Intelligence to any other business contemplating applying.”

Francis Toye, Managing Director Unilink Software Limited - King’s Awards for Enterprise winner 2023 – International Trade


These awards are suited to any industry or sector, and will really showcase your business to bring unrivalled recognition. With these top-tier awards we will save you time, effort and aggravation and significantly increase your chances of success. 

“To win the most prestigious business award for start ups – the Innovation category of King’s Award for Enterprise – it is not enough to have a break-out idea well executed. It also critical to be able to tell your story in a way that speaks to the judges and craft an entry that showcases your unique achievements. This is where Awards Intelligence are invaluable. They have been our expert guide, wise counsel and told our story in a way we could have never done alone. Winning a King’s Award is truly a team sport and I can thoroughly recommend Awards Intelligence should be a core part of your team.”


our guide

Our guide to business awards sets out how our services work, our approach to winning awards, and how our globally recognised experts can give you the winning edge when it comes to awards success.

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