Why business awards are good for business

Business awards: there are so many of them these days, some of which you might have even been invited to. But you never seem to have the time to attend. Why are they so important and what does your business stand to gain?

Let’s use Electrical Training 4 U as an example. They are a training scheme in East Sussex that have recently been awarded ‘Top Training Centre 2013’ by a leading equipment supplier called Kewtech.

The ET4U training centre, run by Nigel Best, has been recognised because of the products they use and their innovative approach to training. Kewtech is a major manufacturer of electrical equipment and is instrumental in promoting the best performers in their sector. So, how does this help ET4U?

1) Brand awareness and kudos.

The first answer is pretty straightforward. Imagine you live in Sussex and you want to join a training scheme to become an electrician. Which centre are you going to choose: the one with or the one without awards?

Receiving an award marks you out as the best in your business sector and places a seal of approval next to your name. In this case, for ET4U, the name on everyone’s lips in the electrical trade is the same one written in bold across their own company stationary.

2) Free publicity

Local and national journalists and photographers will be present at the award ceremony, so there will be many opportunities to get valuable press coverage. There are also numerous networking opportunities to take advantage of, new business contacts to meet. Then think about how many in-bound links you can achieve for your company website, increasing your online exposure when other businesses post details of the award ceremony on their site. There are lots of ways to capitalise and build your company profile at an award ceremony and mostly they are free. 

3) Innovation

A key factor for assessing a potential award-winning business is innovation. Companies are often recognised because they constantly develop strategies that enhance their USP. As far as Nigel Best is concerned, he has only to turn to the award’s spokesman for confirmation:

“It’s the way that ET4U teach their customers and also their know-how.” said Martin Rooney, account manager at Kewtech. “Their support outweighed the competition.”

Innovation makes others sit up and take notice. It wins you plaudits and encourages strategic thinking. Once you realise that you have been doing something right, you implement strategy to ensure you do the right thing again. 

4) Increase in staff productivity

Particularly in times of economic hardship, staff are constantly under pressure to perform. When your business wins an award, a panel of adjudicators have agreed that your workforce have made the most outstanding contribution in their sector. An award is the perfect opportunity to tell the staff how valued they are. It gives you a positive news item to share with your colleagues. When your workforce is motivated they are also productive.

5) Growth

All of these factors make your business stand out from the crowd. It gets you noticed which attracts more business, in turn increasing profits. For companies who struggle to achieve a foothold in their industry, a notable award can be the catalyst that catapults them into the big league. Success breeds success. Growth is the end result.

Winning an award does not happen every day, but that’s what makes them special. You deserve it for all the hard work and long hours you put into making a difference. So the question is not ‘what is the point of winning awards’ but rather ‘isn’t it time we won an award?’

If you ask Nigel Best at Electrical Training 4U, the answer is definitely yes. Find out more about the award-winning training centre at www.electricaltraining4u.co.uk