Pensions Age Awards 2015

It’s really quite simple. If your organisation offers a pension scheme, or it offers services to pensions schemes, and you want independent validation of your strengths as an organisation and/or your recent achievements, entering the 2015 Pensions Age Awards is a cost-effective way to go.
If you do enter, on the evening of the 25th of February, you will be only minutes away from finding out if you are a winner. If it is your lucky night, you can be certain that the reputation of your organisation will be enhanced the very next day. But let’s rewind back to October 2014. The deadline date is the 30th October, so little time remains to ensure you are otherwise engaged on the last wednesday in February 2015. Best of luck!
Pension Scheme Categories:
(Open for entry to UK pension schemes)
Best Auto-enrolment Implementation Award
Best Investment Strategy Award
Best Risk Management Exercise
DB Pension Scheme of the Year
DC Pension Scheme of the Year
Pension Scheme Communication Award 
Pension Scheme Innovation Award of the Year 
Pensions Administration Award
Pension Provider Awards: 
(Open for entry by any provider serving pension schemes in the UK)
Active Manager of the Year
Alternatives Manager of the Year
At-retirement Solutions Provider of the Year
Emerging Markets Manager of the Year
Equities Manager of the Year
Fiduciary Management Firm of the Year
Fixed Income Manager of the Year
Hedge Fund Manager of the Year
Independent Trustee Firm of the Year 
Index Provider of the Year
Innovation Award of the Year
LDI Manager of the Year
Passive Manager of the Year
Pensions Accountancy Firm of the Year
Pensions Communications Award of the Year
Pensions Consultancy of the Year
Pensions Law Firm of the Year
Pensions Provider of the Year 
Pensions Technology Firm of the Year
Property Manager of the Year
Risk Management Provider of the Year
Personality of the Year
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