Want to meet our fabulous judges?

As a valued subscriber, follower, and perhaps even past entrant to our Global Business Excellence Awards, we are delighted to introduce you to our talented judging panel. Our judges run their own successful businesses and therefore know the challenges faced by companies from a wide range of sectors. They appreciate the business pressures associated with everything from generating fiscal growth and developing productive and happy staff, to operating during a pandemic and, for EU and British businesses, dealing with the added uncertainty of Brexit. In short, our esteemed judges have seen it all, and overcome it, so are well placed to spot the next deserving business winner.

Managing DirectorAfter injury precluded Nicky from the career she had planned, it took several years to discover her passion for organisational learning and development. Today, she is MD of the highly successful McCrudden Partnership, a consortium of businesses dedicated to providing highly effective learning to operational managers in both the public and not-for-profit sectors. As a Fellow of both the Chartered Management Institute and the Royal Society of Arts, she blends her passions for learning, management and creativity to produce multi-award winning training programmes.Serial entrepreneur, author, and public speaker Nicky now manages a team of highly sought after L&D experts with an enviable client list.

CEO of The Compliance Workbook 
Ryan has held several positions across a variety of sectors which has naturally moulded his character and fuelled his motivation to operate outside of the norm. His career path took him into the world of Social Housing where he was quickly recognised as a leading figure in the management of compliance and risk.
Co-Founding TCW, Ryan wanted to disrupt the old, inefficient ways of managing assets/compliance. With 41 million checks performed to date and processing 4,000 documents daily, software is turning previously unsearchable data into a searchable database of scrutinised information and knowledge, enabling data-driven planning and strategic decision making. He truly believes if you support and empower people by giving them visibility of data and information, things will change for the better.

Founder, Beauty Works Limited 
Penelope Cheshire has successfully established a recognised multi-million-pound global concern, and with distributors in the US, Europe and Dubai, is on target to become the leading powerhouse in the hair and beauty space.

Penelope founded Beauty Works Limited in July 2010. She is an undisputed industry leader and pioneer in the hair industry. Through her extraordinary leadership, she has guided the organisation in becoming one of the world’s most successful and exciting beauty brands, selling hair extensions to more than 4000 professional salons and consumers in over 180 countries.

CEO, Marmalade Fish
 As the founder and CEO of Marmalade Fish, Samie leads a team of world-class facilitators and coaches to bring humanity to business, reaching over 1 million people in 2020. Marmalade Fish was the first certified B Corporation in the GCC, and has been named Best Organisational Change Consultancy and Change Management Company of the Year.

Samie is also a partner at ELEPHAS® Paris, the first beauty brand in the world dedicated to elephant conservation. Samie gained a double first-class degree in philosophy and theology with a specialisation in ethics from the University of Durham, and a Master of Science in Management (with distinction) from the University of London. He studied Leading Global Businesses at Harvard Business School.

Managing Director, Consumer Intelligence

Driven by his passion for information technology, Ian has made it his life’s work to help companies understand how to improve their world by helping them better understand and serve their customers. He started his career by combining his love for IT with Marketing in roles at M & S and MM Group, and went on to form eCharity.com during the dotcom boom. 

In 2003, he launched Consumer Intelligence – an insight partner for financial services, which uses its unique data offering to provide compelling consumer understanding and a comprehensive view of the marketplace, inspiring confident decisions that build consumer trust. Ian is also Fellow of the Institute of Direct Marketing, an I Love Claims Board member, and a graduate of Harvard Business School.

Niall is an international consultant and Digital Transformation Lead at escalla, providing services to multi-nationals, systems integrators and central and local governments.
Niall led the submission that won escalla a National Training Award for their work supporting organisational and community regeneration through radical recruitment and training programmes. He is also an integral part of the team that consistently wins the company multi-million-pound training contracts around the world. He is a Fellow of the LPI and contributes to leading think tanks, especially around successful global learning initiatives and developments in learning and technology.

Managing Director, HMSL
 Howard McKenzie spent 30 years as a manager and academic in education and training, rising from tenant dairy farmer to Principal of a large College in Scotland. In 2008 he returned to the portfolio life of a consultant building an international client base in the engineering, financial services, education and publishing sectors.

Howard remains the senior academic consultant for Pearson plc – Direct Delivery, which delivers education and training to 20,000 students across the Gulf region.