How Did The New Year Honours Recipients Get Their Gong?

When it comes to the New Year Honours list we tend to think about the famous household names, entertainers, sports supremos and the like; people like Olivia Newton-John, Gok Wan, Ben Stokes, and even the odd controversial politician. But the vast majority of recipients are ‘extraordinary, ordinary people’ – selfless, giving people who do great community or charity work, as well as outstanding entrepreneurs, doctors, business leaders, academics and philanthropists. There really is a diverse mix of people who get them, and it’s more about Mavis in Macclesfield and Bert in Bristol than it is Ben the batsman or Elton the entertainer.  But how do ordinary people get the recognition they deserve? Click on the link below to watch our CEO Mark’s Sky TV interview following the announcement of 2020’s recipients.

Any worthy person, based anywhere in the world who meets the criteria, can be nominated for a UK Honour such as an OBE or knighthood/damehood. You don’t have to be a British citizen or even live in the UK. For example, West Indies cricketer Clive Lloyd has just been knighted. So it really is open to any outstanding person across the globe. The million-dollar question is have these people gone above and beyond the call of duty, because people don’t get honours for simply doing their job – or at least they shouldn’t.

If you are not sure if someone is eligible then contact us and we will give you a free, honest assessment of their chances.

Having handled over 900 nominations now it’s fair to say we keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to what the Honours committees are looking for. They are looking to highlight and reward people who fit some key priorities. These are people who:

  • Support young people in achieving their potential
  • Aid social mobility
  • Help local communities
  • Tackle discrimination, and
  • Boost the economy through entrepreneurial or business achievement

Here’s to a happy, prosperous and successful 2020. If you – or someone you know – is worthy of an honour, then don’t delay: start the nomination process. You have to be in it to win it. You can nominate – or be nominated by – friends, family members or business and community contacts. I hope all your dreams become a reality this year!