Do you know the rules?

Every competition has its rules, right?

And every application, nomination or proposal has it’s own criteria, right?

So it follows then that when nominating two people for an honour for relatively equal achievements the process is the same for both…after all, if you are a UK citizen and you’ve done what it takes to receive an MBE, OBE, CBE, knighthood or damehood, surely it doesn’t matter where you live – England, Ireland, Scotland, Europe, the US, Australia, right?


When it comes to the Queen’s honours nomination process, everything is not quite equal.

When nominating an individual for the most prestigious accolade in the world, the actual nomination process changes based on a few factors – including where the nominee lives.

Did you know there is more than one office in the UK that accepts and considers honours nominations? And do you know which one to send your nomination to if you want to put someone forward for an honour?

Did you know that depending on where in the world the nominee lives, the amount of words and pages that can be used in their nomination form changes?

And did you know that, depending on all of the above the number of people who can substantiate and strengthen the nomination with their own letter of support also changes?

And finally…did you know that, if you don’t know the rules, you can just ignore them anyway and send what you want, where you want, and if you are lucky someone, somewhere, might send it to the right place, where someone might look at it…or they might not!!


We were too when we started helping people nominate their friends, family, business contacts and loved ones nearly a decade ago. But we didn’t let it deter us, oh no.

We worked hard to study the rules, understand the regulations, and interpret the intricacies of the legendary UK honours system.

We learnt about which office accepts which nominations, who can have what when it comes to supporters, and how many words and pages are needed to highlight…

which type of achievements…

in which type of nominations…

depending on where the nominee lives…

and what they have done…

and how they have made a difference…

and who to…

when, where and why.

And then, once we truly understood the rules, we set to work on making the most of individuals’ achievements.  We gave them the very best chance of getting the recognition they so truly deserved…without the unnecessary worry about whether they had understood the rules, studied the criteria, or mastered the art of writing a compelling story – a story worthy of a gong.

And that’s why we are the world’s leading experts in The Queen’s honours process.

So if you would like to nominate someone for an honour and haven’t got the time to learn all of the above, just give us a call on +44 (0)1444 230130 or email us at and you too can benefit from our knowledge and experience – for free, today, no strings.