Achieving customer excellence is one of the most important drivers of success in the retail world, and demonstrating how your achievements make you stand head and shoulders above the rest, is a must for proactive retail operators. 

The Ace Awards are designed to reflect excellent customer service in retail destinations across the UK. Applications are invited from a wide range of destinations including outlet malls, retail warehouse schemes and shopping centers. 

Retail and Shopping Parks will be judged in their own category.

Up to six applications for individual ACE Stars awards can be made by each center.

Shopping centers will be judged in three ACE center size categories as below: 

Up to 40,000 sq m

40,000 – 80,000 sq m

Over 80,000 sq m

Retail/Shopping Parks 

ACE Star

Deadline: 21st October 2013

For more information: BCSC ACE Awards