Avoid That Monday Feeling This Tuesday

Returning to work after the last Bank Holiday Monday of the year is always tough, and with the Pound falling, manufacturers struggling and retailing in the doldrums, this Tuesday will be no exception. But don’t let the post-Bank Holiday back-to-work-blues get you down: be proactive and you can hit that year-end with a smile. 

Our business awards service will significantly increase your chances of picking up some competition-crushing recognition. The average success rate for companies entering business awards is 10% (1 in 10), but our amazing track record is 65% (almost 2 in 3). We’ll help you pick the most suitable awards that you are likely to win, and will write your entries for you.

In these commercially challenging times the value of winning business awards is even more evident. They will:

• Instil trust and credibility versus your competitors • 
•  Raise your profile and enhance your reputation •
•  Help you secure investment and attract new business •
• Boost staff morale •