Apply for an Ashden UK Award

The Ashden Awards reward organisations that deliver sustainable energy at the local level. This year the focus is on managing and reducing demand for energy.
What are they looking for?
You should consider entering if you are demonstrating achievement in any of the following areas:
Demand reduction: through energy efficiency technology or behaviour change, including work to reduce fuel poverty.
Demand response: helping reduce peaks in demand and absorbing surplus renewable energy generation.
Energy storage: using technology to store surplus energy at times of low demand and release it when demand is high.
Smart grid technology: giving greater information and control to consumers and suppliers of energy.
Local renewable energy generation: particularly hydro power and anaerobic digestion.
4 reasons to apply:
Prize money of £10,000; one UK Gold Award of £20,000
Extensive local and national media exposure
Access to new networks and investors
Deadline: 4th November 2014
Please visit for more information
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