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We will save you valuable time and significantly increase your chances of success. The average success rate is estimated to be just 10% (1 in 10). Our success rate is over 65% (nearly 2 in 3).


Winning business and personal awards will raise your profile, enhance your reputation, instil trust, attract new business and ultimately make you more profitable. In short, it will prove you are better than your competitors. 


A peerage is a life changing achievement. It will raise your profile, enhance your reputation, instil trust, add credibility and provide a platform for you to have your say. It is one of the most prestigious and sought after appointments in the world.




We will help you:

Whether you are based or trading in the UK, the EMEA region, Asia, Australia or North or South America, we will help you win the awards and personal honours you deserve.

We are widely considered to be world leaders in our field but don't just take our word for it, explore this site and watch our regular coverage on BBC News, Sky and other global media.


Awards Intelligence was conceived by Mark in 2007, having identified a need for an organisation that helps people to nominate their friends, family, business and community contacts for Royal honours or need support in winning business awards. As CEO, much of his time is spent being interviewed by the worlds media and offering advice and guidance to clients as the leading authority in Royal honours, according to many. He has assembled the world's leading team of business awards and personal honours experts to advise you and craft your nominations. Mark and his team have unrivalled experience and more successes under their belts than anyone he knows.



Founder And CEO



An Awards Intelligence nomination is special. Not only will we save you a great deal of time and hassle, our experts will significantly increase the nominee's chances of success.

Honours Selection Committees judge a candidate's merits based on the nomination put forward. Our nominations are not simply an extended CV, a list of educational achievements, appointments, awards or posts, or a job description. Poor nominations often list these things, and a frequent complaint from the Committees judging the nominations is that the person recommended is "doing no more than their paid job".

Instead, our nominations define what is special about the candidates' achievements and show accurately, memorably and persuasively exactly how and where they have made a difference.

If you want to give someone the best possible chance of receiving recognition for their hard work and achievements, complete the form or contact us today on +44 (0)1444 230130 for a free assessment of their chances of success.




Francis Toye, Managing Director Unilink Software Limited

King’s Awards for Enterprise winner 2023 – International Trade

“After several years and some failures trying to do this ourselves, thank-you for this brilliant win by you and Keith resulting in Unilink receiving one of the first King’s Awards for International Trade. I have been impressed by your commitment and guidance to help us and I have no hesitation in recommending Awards Intelligence to any other business contemplating applying.”


Stuart L. Huyton, Founder & Director Gaia Earth Sciences Limited & Gaia Earth Technologies Limited

King's Awards for Enterprise 2023 DOUBLE winner – Innovation, 2023

“We were in the rare situation that our innovation had been started by the first company and then developed and commercialised by the second one, making the application process far from straightforward. Undoubtably, we would not have succeeded without the expert support from Lesley and the team at Awards Intelligence and we would recommend their services wholeheartedly. We now have two awards for Innovation!”


Neil Eastwood, CEO & Founder, Care Friends

King's Awards for Enterprise winner 2023 – Innovation

"To win the most prestigious business award for start ups – the Innovation category of King's Award for Enterprise - it is not enough to have a break-out idea well executed. It also critical to be able to tell your story in a way that speaks to the judges and craft an entry that showcases your unique achievements. This is where Awards Intelligence are invaluable. They have been our expert guide, wise counsel and told our story in a way we could have never done alone. Winning a King's Award is truly a team sport and I can thoroughly recommend Awards Intelligence should be a core part of your team."

Honours client

January 2023

Absolutely delightful and amazing success of our nomination for the award of Dame to our candidate. Without doubt, this is absolutely down to the dedication and professionalism of the application led by Edward and the team at Awards Intelligence. Edward has the wonderful ability of bringing to life a creative and compelling story, together with in-depth empirical research to add to the richness of the application. He has huge amounts of patience, diligence and buckets of kindness. The team at The Oxford Partnership, Saudi Arabia, are extremely grateful for the recognition of all their work through the success of this nomination.

Honours client

January 2023

Thank you both – particularly Samira, for your expert assistance and authorship of this submission. It far exceeded any expectations I may have had when we first set off on this journey some months ago. I truly “get” the value-add from working with your organisation!


Jason Hopkinson, Managing Director - Feed Factors Ltd

Queen’s Awards for Enterprise winner, Sustainable Development, 2022

Many thanks for all your hard work to guide us through the process for another successful Queens award. I’m very proud of my team, especially Veronika, for getting us through this process and is a true accolade to the work we do here. Thanks again for your support and your 100% success rate.

S+B_PLAIN (002)

Liam Serridge, International Sales Manager - S+B UK Ltd

Queen’s Awards for Enterprise winner, International Trade, 2022

A huge thank you to Keith and the team at Awards Intelligence, it’s fair to say without their support and guidance we would not have been successful in our bid to win not one but two Queens Awards for International Trade. We certainly wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Awards Intelligence to any other business.

Founder and CEO

Queen’s Awards for Enterprise winner, International Trade, 2022

Completing our award application has been a journey, from gathering facts, figures and quotes to the stories that bring our business to life on the page. Thank you, Awards Intelligence, for your advice, support and expert knowledge. You were the guiding hand throughout the process, one that led us towards receiving our prestigious Queens Award for International Trade.



Queen’s Awards for Enterprise winner, International Trade, 2021

The whole team would like to thank Awards Intelligence for their expert assistance in preparing our successful Queen’s Award for Enterprise application. Working with Ed was a pleasure – even if the pandemic did force us into some lengthy Zoom meetings! It was a great comfort to have experienced eyes guide the process and presentation. We would recommend them to anyone who thinks that, with a little help, they have a business worthy of recognition. Go for it!

CEO, Queen’s Award for Enterprise winner, International Trade 2021

Thanks to everyone at Awards Intelligence for your invaluable support and advice in our Queen's Award application. Jo in particular has been a tremendous help and encouragement throughout the process. The company has already gained many benefits from this award and I cannot thank you enough for all you have done.

Joe-Wicks 3

JOE WICKS MBE, The Body Coach

Thanks for your help with the National Business Awards. 5 wins out of 5 is pretty good

Daughter of MBE recipient

New Year 2021

To say dad is over the moon is a total under-statement

Queen’s honour client 2020

Mum and I are really pleased with the end product and have been grateful for your advice and support through the process


James Fawkes

Managing Director, Auto Electrical Supplies Limited (AES) – Queen’s Award Winner 2020

Just to say a huge thank you to Awards Intelligence for all the hard work put into our award application – AES have been delighted with all aspects of your service. AES are new to the business award world, but decided to go straight to the top for a Queens Award for Enterprise. We were extremely fortunate to have been given Jo Spencer to represent us, who immediately filled us with confidence, supported and advised us through the whole process in such a knowledgeable, personable and straightforward manner. We were absolutely right to trust her and she certainly delivered: we are now very proud to hold such a prestigious award in Business. A great achievement and I would have no hesitation in recommending Awards Intelligence.

ICE logo

ICEOxford Ltd – Queen’s Award Winner 2020

We are very grateful for all the work that Awards Intelligence did to help us achieve our Queen’s Award, we are sure that their help and expertise throughout the application process gave us a winning edge. We would definitely use them for any future awards applications and would recommend them to anyone who is thinking about putting themselves forward for a Queen’s Award for Enterprise.


Terry Ramsey

Managing Director, TruTac Ltd – Queen’s Award Winner 2020

I would just like to thank everyone at Awards Intelligence for their help and expertise in compiling our recent award entry. We were supported throughout the process by them and their skill in putting our ideas and successes into an application document made all the difference in helping us win such a fantastic award.. We would definitely recommend them to any other company thinking of putting themselves forward for an award.


January 2020

My thanks for making this outcome possible. That envelope just takes your breath away. You really did make the difference. 

Queen's Honour Client


Just wanted to say thank you for choosing Angela to represent us. We had an amazing meeting which was everything we could have hoped for, she’s a very warm and very insightful lady who we all got to know and like in the brief 90 minutes we were together. Whatever the outcome we know we are in great hands.



Feed Factors Ltd
Queen’s Awards for Enterprise Winner 2019, Innovation category

We are over the moon! Many thanks to Jo and Awards Intelligence for helping us to achieve it. Without you it wouldn’t be possible.

Chief Executive Officer

We are a young, innovative health-tech company with a cutting-edge range of DNA tests for analysing health, fitness and nutrition markers for both sports performance and general consumers. We are thrilled and delighted to have won two Queens Awards for Enterprise – one for Innovation and the other for International Trade.  Awards Intelligence assisted us in helping to really understand the depth of information needed for our double win.


Heaven Health & Beauty Founder

Wow, I didn't realise just how fantastic my business was until I read the superb award winning entries you wrote for us! Many thanks, you are fab and I would definitely recommend you to anyone that wants to raise their profile and grow their business by winning awards.


Entrepreneur's Circle Founder

Awards Intelligence have helped us win three awards in just three months. They have given us that vital winning edge and saved us valuable time. We have now committed to an annual awards plan to ensure we keep up the momentum. I would recommend AI to anyone that is serious about awards success as they have certainly delivered for my businesses very quickly.


Founder, CEO & Trustee Forces Support

I'd like to say on behalf of myself and Forces Support that we are delighted with the service provided, you have been exceptional throughout. As we were going through a growth spurt you continued to update the paperwork and right up to the last minute when about 11pm the night before you added in some late developments i sent across.

I've had many bad experiences in the Third sector and only a few good ones, working with you has been the best to date, and not because we won an award as I've always had it in mind to email in and let you know how much I appreciated your attitude and laid back approach to my constant pestering.

I have already recommended AI and will continue to do so, the service was superb.


Seasalt Ltd

Thank you for all your help in building our entry to the Queen's Award for Enterprise. You clearly grasped how important sustainability is to Seasalt and we were delighted that your professional and innovative approach to constructing our entry highlighted our own exceptional achievements in the retail sector.


Managing Director Autobahn International Ltd

Thank you for your efficiency and expertise in compiling our recent award entry. You helped us to understand how to put forward our most outstanding achievements in a way that would be clear for the judges. We would definitely recommend you to other companies who deserve to be recognised for their success.


Insurance entrepreneur

Awards Intelligence helped us win eight awards making us the most award winning company in our insurance niche. When we sold the business this had a very positive impact on the attractiveness of the business to potential buyers and I estimate that the wins added around £500,000 to the overall value of the business.


Tecna Display

With only two weeks to go before the deadline, we approached Awards Intelligence specifically to help us win a Queen’s Award for Enterprise and with their expert help we achieved our goal. To win the most prestigious business award in the world at the first attempt is no mean feat. What seemed daunting at the start was made very easy by Awards Intelligence, especially with the time scale created by our financial year end. The quality of the service was fast, efficient and professional. I would wholeheartedly recommend Awards Intelligence.


Chief Executive Close Invoice Finance

We have had a long and fruitful relationship with Awards Intelligence. Over the last 12 months alone they have helped us win five company awards which has helped to raise the profile of the organisation and further enhance its reputation as the UK’s leading invoice finance solution. They offer an excellent service and I would recommend them to any organisation that takes winning awards seriously.


New Year's Honours List

Thanks for drafting such a professional nomination. You offer a truly outstanding service. I'm so glad my wife and I found you before she submitted the nomination. You are a great listener and an excellent writer. You made me sound brilliant!


New Year Honours List

Great work. You saved me so much time and I would never have been able to produce a submission that compelling!


New Year Honours List

Great work. You saved me so much time and I would never have been able to produce a submission that compelling!


I found your advice and hand’s on support invaluable. It can be difficult to decide what information to focus on in an application like this and to know what the Lords are looking for in a strong applicant. It’s been great working with someone who has a real understanding of the process.
“First class application. Many thanks. All we can do now is keep our fingers crossed and wait! At least I know I’ve given it my best shot.”
“Wanted to let you know that I’ve been invited for an interview. Very excited! Can we meet up soonest to discuss the likely lines of questioning? Thanks for your continued support.”


"To be honest I wouldn’t have had the time to do all this myself and certainly wouldn’t have done such a compelling job!”
“I got it! Or should that be, ‘we’ got it! Thanks for a brill application I couldn’t have 
done it without you”.
“Just heard from xxx. It’s great news, I got the appointment. That makes three. Can you call me to discuss what I should go for next as ideally I’d like about half a dozen.”


"To be honest I wouldn’t have had the time to do all this myself and certainly wouldn’t have done such a compelling job!”
“I got it! Or should that be, ‘we’ got it! Thanks for a brill application I couldn’t have 
done it without you”.
“Just heard from xxx. It’s great news, I got the appointment. That makes three. Can you call me to discuss what I should go for next as ideally I’d like about half a dozen.”


Queen’s Birthday Honours List

Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team for delivering a fantastic nomination for..... He was delighted to receive an MBE and when I showed him a copy of the nomination he was bowled over. It was the best birthday present I could ever have arranged for my father.


PCL Ceramics Limited

Thank you for helping us through the Queen's Awards application Lesley, you clearly did a brilliant job and we are thrilled that this has resulted in such a fantastic award that recognises our achievements as a UK SME business


NGF Europe Ltd

Many thanks for all your help in ensuring our application met the criteria for The Queen's Awards for Enterprise 2014. This award recognises the achievements of our R+D team, the company's commitment to technical development and manufacturing excellence, and our outstanding marketing team who brought the product to market. We are delighted to be celebrating such incredible success and believe this award will be of great value and importance to the future of our business


Head of Customer Experience DFS

DFS is so much more than just a retailer, and thanks to Awards Intelligence we have been able to highlight our outstanding charitable
partnerships and CSR projects on a national scale. Winning awards has not only enabled us to recognise and reward our employees’ achievements, it has allowed us continue building on our successes year on year. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Awards Intelligence to other businesses and individuals who are doing great work too.


Queen's Birthday Honours List

Many thanks to you and your team for helping us to get Mum’s work recognised.  She (and we) had a fabulous day and were delighted that Prince Charles really appeared to know who she was and what she had achieved.


WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust)

The Wine & Spirit Education Trust is the leading global provider of it's kind, so it was only natural that we selected the leading global awards partner to help us demonstrate how we stand out. Awards Intelligence did just that, guiding and supporting us with their expertise and experience to win a Queen's Award for Enterprise for International Trade.


KL Technologies LTD.

Thank you for helping us to win the Queen's Awards for Enterprise in the International Trade category. You helped us express our technical business in such an accessible way that the Queen's Awards Judges could see the importance of the work we do. Your identification of our CSR methods also helped us to demonstrate that we are not only commercially successful, but we are an organisation that cares about the footprint it leaves on the world.


Robertson Taylor W&P Longreach

Thank you so much for all your help with our Queen's Award entry, we are delighted to have been chosen as winners in the International Trade category. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Awards Intelligence to others looking for support in the competition; your first-class advice and guidance ensured we had the best chance of success, and highlighted our unique business strategy as one of the World’s leading insurance brokers for the live entertainment industry.


Gen-X IT Ltd.

Thank you for turning around our Queen's Award entry in such a short amount of time. You captured the overall performance of Gen-X IT perfectly, highlighting how the different sides of the business work together to achieve optimum performance and added value for our global customers. Winning this award shows how far we have already come, and will lead us into the future with a real sense of pride.